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Ultimate Support AMP150 Three Position Amplifier & Microphone Stand with Locking Legs

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Manufacturer # AMP150

Our Stock # ULTAMP150

  • Portable amplifier stand.
  • Maximum 75 lb carrying weight.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Sophisticated leg locking system.
  • Included three-position tilting stand.

Ultimate Support AMP150 Three Position Amplifier & Microphone Stand with Locking Legs


Ultimate Support’s AMP-150 ultra compact amplifier stand is an excellent addition to the hardware setups of industry professionals working in both recording and live performance. With a maximum 75lb carrying weight and sophisticated leg locking system, the AMP-150 can be used in a wide array of audio projects in conjunction with a diverse selection of amplifiers. The included three-position tilting stand adds an invaluable degree of customization and flexibility to this powerful accessory.

The Ultimate Support AMP-150 is the perfect addition to the gigging guitar player's rig. Not only does it comfortably hold a small to mid-sized combo amp up to 75 lbs, but it's tilted (putting the sound where you need it instead of at your feet), AND it features a mic boom attachment making an additional mic stand obsolete!

AMP-150 Product Breakdown:

Mic Boom Attachment Standard
Three-position Tilt Stand
Stable and Portable
Patented Leg Locking System

Mic Boom Attachment Standard

There's no need to carry an additional mic stand when gigging with an AMP-150. There's a built-in mic boom attachment at the top of the height-adjustable stand! Just add your favorite boom arm (or a gooseneck) and microphone, and you're ready. Great for both live sound reinforcement or for recording in the studio.

Three-position Tilt Stand

Featuring three tilt positions, you can aim your amp exactly where you need it when using an AMP-150 amp stand. You'll be able to hear high frequencies at much lower volume levels on stage and in practice, and the sound guy will have better control over FOH sound since your amp is no longer facing directly forward.

Stable and Portable

The AMP-150 is one piece that quickly folds into an ultra compact, 3.5" x 18" unit. Take your stand anywhere and never lose parts again! And, the sturdy tripod base holds up to 75 lbs - it's the perfect addition to your small to mid-sized combo amp!

Patented Leg Locking System

Genesis Series guitar and amp stands feature a unique, patented leg-locking mechanism. When setting up the stand, unlock the legs, unfold and lock the legs in place for worry-free stability and strength. When finished with the gig, unlock the legs, fold, and lock for easy, compact portability. The ingenious leg lock eliminates "floppy leg" syndrome.

Model Number



18" - 24" (46mm - 61mm)

Support Arms Width

11" (28mm)

Folded Dimensions

3.5" x 18" (89mm - 457mm)

Mic Adapter Thread



3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)