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Manfrotto 294 Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod With D3RC2 3-Way Head

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Manufacturer # MK294C3D3RC2

Our Stock # MAMK294C3D3RC2

Durable and built for heavy-duty use, without any reduction in strength or performance over time.

Every feature of a 290 Carbon is built to last and to maintain performance throughout a long and useful life.An example?Our aluminium leg levers with adjustable locking tension can be tightened to ensure wear-proof stability and reliability.

Manfrotto 294 Carbon Fiber 3-Section Tripod With D3RC2 3-Way Head


This 290 Carbon kit includes a 294 carbon tripod and a quick-release 3-way head. The 294 tripod is built to be transportable without compromising on stability. To achieve this, it uses a “next-generation” carbon tubing: an innovative composite tube derived from Manfrotto’s experience in professional supports with optimized fibre angles that provide consistent advantages over aluminium tubing in terms of rigidity, lightness and stability. 294 tripod legs use a 3-section construction with larger diameter carbon composite tubing than the sister 293 version. This makes the 294 more rigid in order to maximize camera stability and minimize vibration, so it's ideal for zoom lenses that amplify any camera shake. Durable tension-adjustable aluminium leg locks can be tightened to suit your preference and to counteract any effects of wear and aging, keeping the tripod fully functional throughout its long life. Two-position leg angle settings make low-angle shooting possible, while a rapid centre column adds flexibility and extends the min-max height range. The lightweight 3-way head (with quick release camera plate) provides this kit with a high level of precision, with independent controls for each of the three axes of movement and rotation. 3-way heads are especially well-suited to architectural, macro and still life photography. The head is interchangeable and can be unscrewed in order to allow you to use the tripod with other specialized heads - the disk at the top of the centre column is compatible with any Manfrotto head, ideal for photographers who think they may one day wish to optimise the tripod to their own specific preferences or to the demands of a new photographic style.

closed length 73.0 cm

leg angles 23°. 51°

leg cross section round

leg sections 3 number

legs tube diameter 25.3 - 21.7 - 18.2mm

maximum height 181.0 cm

maximum height (with centre column down) 152.0 cm

minimum height 51.7 cm

safety payload 4 kg

weight 2.4 kg