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Gary Fong Delta Point & Shoot Camera Flash Diffuser

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Gary Fong Delta Point & Shoot Camera Flash Diffuser


Point-and-shoot digital cameras have this crazy teeny tiny flash that looks like a tiny flashlight when you take photos of your friends. This harsh lighting makes everybody's face look shiny and oily.

So what I have done is invented a flat filter wedge that mounts on the telescopic lens of many point and shoot cameras. The diffuser has mini pyramids to further disperse the light. When the light hits the rear of the panel, the tiny pyramids send light all over the place, lighting up the entire wedge, and lighting the ceiling, and the entire room!

The Delta Diffuser is a pliable flash diffuser that comes in four different sizes. Each diffuser has an opening with three strategic pressure points to allow for ease of use without damage to your camera’s lens barrel. With the ever increasing number of point & shoot cameras, it is impossible for Gary Fong Inc. to test every single one for a guaranteed fit. However, the following sizing dimensions will provide you the information needed to select the right size Delta for your camera.


Size (1) 3/4-7/8"

Size (2) 7/8-1"

Size (3) 1- 1 1/8"

Size (4) 1 1/8-1 3/8"