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ExpoImaging ExpoDisc White Balance Calibration Filter (Warm Portrait)

Video 4x5.65 inch

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ExpoImaging ExpoDisc White Balance Calibration Filter (Warm Portrait)


ExpoDisc Video Format Filters are ExpoDiscs that are encased in 4 x 5.65 in. durable machined aluminum frames with easy to grip handles.  They fit over a wide variety of larger video (and still) lenses.

The patent pending ExpoDisc Digital White Balance Filter provides a fast and easy custom white balance solution for videographers, and turns what has been a difficult color management problem into a simple routine.

Simply read and set white balance with the ExpoDisc in place to consolidate several on location and post processing steps into one quick and easy custom white balance procedure. Get the same consistent, accurate color without the need to worry about the accuracy of the camera's own auto white balance (AWB), or fumble with cumbersome cards and targets.

Each ExpoDisc is manufactured and individually hand calibrated to fall within strict tolerances of light transmission and color neutrality. Consisting of multiple layers of carefully selected materials, the ExpoDisc is guaranteed to be within +/- 2% of neutral for demanding professionals.

Varying levels of colorcast typically occur in digital image capture and require compensation as part of the process to create video with good color fidelity. Blue, green, red and yellow colorcasts are not uncommon. Until now, videographers have had to rely on gray/white cards and targets to solve this problem.

But the ExpoDisc acts just like an 18% gray card when used to measure the incident light, and as such can be used instead. The sophisticated design enables the ExpoDisc to receive, scramble and passively transmit mixed light from a wide angle in front of the disc through to the image sensor for a more accurate and efficient white balance correction.

Simply take a white balance reading with the ExpoDisc held in front of your lens, and your video camera will compensate for and neutralize the colorcast it sees through the ExpoDisc.