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ExpoImaging ExpoDisc White Balance Calibration Filter (Neutral)


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Manufacturer # EXPOD52

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ExpoImaging ExpoDisc White Balance Calibration Filter (Neutral)

The ExpoDisc "Neutral" Filter is designed to be used in all photographic lighting situations where it is necessary to set a neutral white balance. It is the most versatile of the two filters. The "Neutral" Filter will produce images with white whites and gray grays.

Even the best digital cameras are incapable of consistently delivering accurate color without the user performing a custom white balance. Auto (AWB) and preset white balance functions often produce maddeningly inconsistent results. Images shot without a correct white balance may have unnatural looking red, yellow or blue tints that are time consuming and difficult, if not impossible to correct.
Recognizing the importance of custom white balance to good color, digital camera manufacturers have designed their cameras to take advantage of a custom white balance. A custom white balance calibrates the camera to the exact color temperature of light illuminating the subject.

The ExpoDisc Professional Digital White Balance Filter (patent pending) is a custom white balance filter that allows digital photographers to quickly and easily set an accurate custom white balance. Consistently producing excellent results in natural, artificial, and studio lighting, the versatile ExpoDisc even excels in difficult mixed lighting environments.

The ExpoDisc is far easier to use than any gray card, white card or calibration target. Simply place the ExpoDisc in front of your lens and capture the incident light while setting your camera’s custom white balance. Using an ExpoDisc custom white balance will virtually eliminate the need for RAW or JPEG post-capture color adjustments.

ExpoDisc technology takes a unique approach to setting a custom white balance and producing accurate color. The ExpoDisc essentially uses your camera’s built-in custom white balance capability to turn the camera into an incident color-metering tool. By setting white balance as an incident filter rather than as a reflective target, the ExpoDisc avoids the common problems and inconveniences associated with using gray cards, white cards and calibration targets: unwieldy size, unwanted reflectivity, improper angling and difficulty of filling the frame.

As the inventors of the Digital White Balance Filter, we have always gone to great lengths to ensure the neutrality of every ExpoDisc. Every ExpoDisc is assembled, measured and calibrated to our strict tolerances of color neutrality and light transmission on a sophisticated transmission spectrophotometer at our facility in California.  We test and calibrate each ExpoDisc for 18% light transmission and neutrality in the visible spectrum (400nm to 700nm). The ExpoDisc's 18% light transmission allows the ExpoDisc to be used as an incident ambient exposure tool (as you would with an 18% gray card), as well as for white balance.  

The accuracy of a custom white balance depends upon the specific color characteristics of the material used to set the white balance, in conjunction with the color temperature of light the white balance is set against. In order to trust a white balance tool in a variety of shooting environments, it must be neutral across the entire visible spectrum. Using a non-neutral tool will introduce a color cast in your images.

ExpoDiscs are constructed of multiple layers of carefully selected optical grade materials.  Because we’ve found that no single material has the same optical characteristics from batch to batch, by incorporating multiple layers of diffusion filters and gels, we are able to compensate for variations in materials and to produce a product which is extremely neutral.  

The ExpoDisc's multi-layer design combined with our commitment to testing makes the convenient-to-use ExpoDisc the best white balance tool available.
ExpoDisc filters are available with quick pressure release friction mounts in standard size, 52mm.

The ExpoDisc works with any digital SLR and digital video camera with a white balance function.
ExpoDisc filters are available with quick pressure release friction mounts in standard size, 52mm.

All ExpoDiscs work just as great for video applications as they do with still cameras. 
The ExpoDisc excels as a video white balance tool, especially in situations where a videographer needs to quickly set white balance while on the move. 
The ExpoDisc transmits 18% of light in the visible spectrum through to your camera’s film or image sensor
The ExpoDisc is calibrated for 18% light transmission, meaning a properly exposed reference image through the ExpoDisc will produce a usable 18% neutral gray.

 Features and Benefits of ExpoDisc Neutral

  • Neutral (+/-2%)
  • 18% Light Transmission
  • Set and Check Exposure (Middle Zone V)
  • Better in Mixed Light
  • Post Production Color Balance with RAW Image Files
  • Produces Great Color on JPEG Image Files
  • Easy Dust Identification 
  • Lanyard Strap Attached 
  • Exposure and Printing Tool for Film