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Ivation Wireless Remote Shutter for Android Devices Camera, Video & Voice Note Remote + Adapter for Tripod

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Manufacturer # ATOB02

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  • Simple plug-and-play, no need for any setup
  • Straightforward click-and-capture functionality
  • Reliable 10-meter operating range, perfect for self portraits
  • Snaps photos, starts and stops video recording, starts and stops voice
  • Long-lasting battery with auto-shut after 10 minutes of inactivity

Tripod Not Included

Ivation Wireless Remote Shutter for Android Devices Camera, Video & Voice Note Remote + Adapter for Tripod


  • IvationTM SharpShutter for Android Devices Camera, Vidoe & Voice Note Remote
  • Love taking photos, videos and voice notes on your Android device? Add range and flexibility with Ivation's nifty little SharpShutter RF remote control. Just download our free app form the Google Play store and our new remote is ready to go wherever your device goes, clever enough to bring a whole new level of joy to self-photography, and responsive enough to capture life's most fleeting wonders.
  • Included are two small units: the remote, or transmitter, and the device plug-in, or receiver. With your device on, simply stick the receiver into the 35mm headphone jack, and set your device into camera, video or voice record mode. Turn the receiver on and a blue light will start blinking. From there, the way to the art gallery is an open road. Press the camera button on the transmitter to snap a photo in camera mode or to start/stop recording in video mode. In voice record mode, press the microphone button on the receiver to start or stop the recording.
  • Capture a world of incredible happenings with Ivation's SharpShutter remote for Android devices. For even more usability, use together with our HandyHold tripod mount for smartphones and other devices.

Tripod Adapter Features:

  • Positions your smartphone for perfect picture and video capture while securing it to your everyday camera tripod
  • Snug, precise fit for iPhone 5, as well as older iPhone models, Galaxy S series, Blackberry, iPod, HTC, and many other popular smartphones
  • Non-abrasive grip clips prevent your expensive device from getting scratched
  • Fits mobile devices with a width of 2.0-2.9 Inch and a thickness of up to 0.5 Inch
  • Perfect gift for the serious photographer, the hobbyist, the novice, and the newbie alike