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Manfrotto 519 Pro Video Head+536 CF Tripod+MB MBAG100PN

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Manufacturer # 519,536K

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Manfrotto 519 Pro Video Head+536 CF Tripod+MB MBAG100PN

Video kit with 519 Head, 536 carbon fiber tripod and MB MBAG100PN. It's a fact: not all cameras weigh the same. Some mini DV cameras may weigh only a 2 lbs while professional grade DV cameras can weigh up to 22 lbs. Professionals have as many equipment options as they do shooting styles, utilizing a wide range of different cameras including MINI DV, DVCAM, HD, ENG. When using numerous accessories, many of these setups can quickly overload video heads above the maximum recommended weight. Understanding the problem that professional Videographers face, Manfrotto has developed the 519, a compact, yet heavy duty fluid video head capable of accommodating a counterbalance payload from 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) up to 19.8 lbs (9 kg). This is a revolutionary breakthrough from Manfrotto, as the 519 will be the only video head on the market encompassing both interchangeable and adjustable counter-balance springs. Combining both features will allow videographers to easily interchange a vast array of cameras of various weights as well as quickly fine tune the perfect balance point of whatever camera is being used, all with just one head! In addition, fluid drag is easily controlled with a large click-stop numbered knob in seven increments. Drag can be adjusted from the highest possible setting to nearly zero drag, allowing for the finest control through 360° pan and +90° to -90° tilt. 4-Sections. The new 536 video tripod is incredibly high and stable, has a great load capability and great max height with an ergonomic, easy-to-use and compact design. This lightweight tripod features a new leg angle selector, developed for adjusting the leg angle in a quick, easy and precise way. In addition, a screw-in 75/100mm adaptor to hold the different industry standard half-ball heads.

Product Features

Carbon Fiber Tubing
Manfrotto's carbon fiber tubing is popular among outdoor photographers because it's light in weight, but not everyone knows it's also more rigid and supports heavier loads than aluminum - giving it a double advantage.

Retractable Spiked Feet
Retractable spiked feet mean you can use this both outdoors with the spike extended for better grip on soft terrain, moss, plants, etc., and indoors on delicate floor surfaces with the rubber foot covering the spike to avoid damage and give more stable non-slip support.

Ergonomic and easy to use.

Weight-Saving Construction
Materials, design and construction techniques have been carefully selected to help save weight without sacrificing stability or strength.

Magnesium Castings
Lightweight magnesium is used for die-cast parts. Magnesium has a density of 1.74g/cm3 as opposed to aluminum's 2.70g/cm3 - a 35% reduction. Despite its lower weight, magnesium is more rigid than aluminum, and has the same strength per volume.

Ergonomic Leg Angle Selector
The new ergonomic leg angle selector improves the comfort and the precision in use.

100% Carbon Fiber Tubes
Manfrotto tubes are made of 100% Carbon Fiber in order to reach high quality standards and high levels of performance, rigidity and lightness. Carbon fiber tubes can be very different in quality, depending on the production process and the percent of carbon fiber material present in the tubes. Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fiber and the pull winding technology (a special production process able to maximize performance, resistance and reliability).


Closed Length

  • 33.86 in
Maximum Height
  • 85.83 in
Minimum Height
  • 16.93 in
Load Capacity
  • 22.05 lbs
  • 13.56 lbs

- Manfrotto 519 Pro Video Head+536 CF Tripod+MB MBAG100PN