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Manfrotto Table Centerpost Air Cushioned

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Manufacturer # 385

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Manfrotto Table Centerpost Air Cushioned

In view of the increasing demand for shop display systems for still & video cameras, we have produced a center column equipped with a standard 58mm disc and three grub screws as used on our 190 and 055 tripods. This also means the column can be combined with any head from our range. The bottom of the column has an 80mm disc which can be screwed directly to countertop/table or, alternatively, bolted to the included second disc on the underside of the countertop. Available only in black finish.


  • 58mm disc with 3/8-in. screw and three grub screws attachment type
Attachment Number
  • 3/8-in. screw attachment type
  • black color
Column Tube Diameter
  • 30. 26mm
  • aluminum
Maximum Height
  • 24.41 in
Minimum Height
  • 14.17 in
Load Capacity
  • 22.05 lbs
  • 2.43 lbs

- Manfrotto Table Centerpost Air Cushioned