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Induro GHBA Gimbal Head

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Manufacturer # 485-000

Our Stock # 642975047

Induro GHBA Gimbal Head

Induro GHBA Gimbal Head Features:
INDURO GH-Series gimbal heads are ideal for very long, heavy telephoto lenses used in sports or bird/nature photography. Vertical and horizontal tracking of fast moving objects is quick and easy. Fits Arca-Swiss compatible QR Clamp on a heavy-duty ballhead.

  • Gravity Balanced Operation:
    Provides essentially weightless movement and positioning for long lens/camera systems.

  • Oversized Lock Knobs:
    Provides secure locking of camera angle and rotation, even with bulky gloves.

  • Arca-Swiss Compatible Quick Release:
    Interchangeable industry standard QR system.

Induro GHBA Gimbal Head Specifications:

  • Tilt Range: ±90° Front
  • Panning Range: Based on supporting Ballhead
  • Separate Panning Lock: Based on supporting Ballhead
  • Quick Release (QR) Plate:
    Dovetail (Arca-Swiss Style Compatible)
  • Head Mount Thread Size: 1/4 inch - 20
  • Base Mount Thread: Requires Ballhead with Arca-Swiss compatible clamp mount
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)

- Induro GHBA Gimbal Head