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Polaroid Double (Dual) Battery Charger For Panasonic S005 BCE10 Batteries & More

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Manufacturer # PL-CH2PN18

Our Stock # 641634079

Polaroid Double (Dual) Battery Charger For Panasonic S005 BCE10 Batteries & More

  • Interchangeable Snap In Plates Lets You Customize Unit To Charge Two Different Model Batteries or Two Of Same Model Batteries Simultaneously
  • Intelligent LED Status Indicators For Real Time Charging Progress
  • Dual Quick Charge One Or Two Batteries Simultaneously
  • Designed For Todays "Memory Free" Battery Formulations
  • Double Up Your Power, Save Time! AC & DC Chargers Included

Designed for todays power hungry HD-video SLRs and still cameras, our dual charger is the smart way to make sure youre always in power. Thanks to a unique intelligent circuitry and Interchangeable plates it charges up to two batteries (of same model or different) in the same amount of time, then tops off that charge without causing memory issues. If you want your shooting day to be about performance not power, keep our dual charger at your side.

This Charger is Comaptible With The Following Camera/Camcorder Models,

S005 - DMC-LX3 ,LX2, FX150, FX100, FX12, FX10, FX50, FX07, FX3
S006 - FZ7, FZ8, FZ18, FZ28, FZ30, FZ35, FZ50
S007 - TZ5, TZ4, TZ3, TZ2
S008 - SDR-S25, S26 , DMC-FX37, FX500, FX35, FS20, FS3, FS5, FX55, FX33, FX30
BCF10 - DMC-FX75, FX700, FX70, TS2, FT2, F3, FX65, FX60, FH1, FH3, FH20, FH22, FS10, FS11, FS30, FS33
BCG10 - DMC-ZR3, ZX3, ZS5, ZS7, TZ8, TZ10
BLB13 - DMC-G10, GH1, G2, G1, L10
DU14 - PV-GS200, GS120, GS150, GS180, GS250, GS400, GS500, GS70, GS55, GS70, GS50, GS19, GS29, GS31, GS35, GS36, GS39, GS50, PGS59, VDR-M70, M50, M30 , M53, M70, M75, M95, AG-HMC150