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Lensbaby Lensbaby Book

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Lensbaby Lensbaby Book

Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective Book Features:

If you've ever wished you could learn about all of the creative possibilities the Lensbaby offers, this is the book for you! Seeing subjects with a new perspective is at the heart of the Lensbaby experience, and with the essential information found in this book, you'll be able to take your creative exploration to the next level. Written by Lensbaby Guru Corey Hilz, Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective starts off with an overview of each lens in the Lensbaby suite.

Packed with tips on composition and techniques for capturing your best images, you'll be immersed in the wonderful world of Lensbaby in no time. On nearly every page you'll find a full color image created by a Lensbaby expert to inspire your own shooting. You'll also find complete coverage of all of the Lensbaby accessories, from the Optic Swap System to a macro kit, creative aperture discs, and a super wide angle lens.

Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective is the only complete resource with all of the information you need to know to create successful Lensbaby images. The book also includes beautiful portfolio galleries covering a full range of styles from some of the best photographers working with a Lensbaby.

Full List of Products Covered:

  • Lens Bodies:
    Control Freak

  • Optics:
    Double Glass
    Single Glass
    Pinhole/Zone Plate
    Soft Focus

  • Accessories:
    Macro Kit
    Wide Angle/Telephoto Kit
    Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens
    Creative Aperture Kit
    Step-Up Shade
    Custom Lens Cases

Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective Book Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.4 x 0.5 in
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Pages: 263
  • Type: paperback

- Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective